David Lee

 Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]


United Financial Group which is known as UFG was founded in 2007 by a serial entrepreneur, David Joseph Lee. The vision of the founder was to create a diverse access to niche market resources in private and institutional funding. His dedication, vast knowledge and passion is the driver, as his business affiliates and clients consider him the Lamborghini in brokerage funding. The ingredients in his substance of style speak for themselves. He lives by the motto, “If you want success, then help others achieve their success.” A company that would deliver trust, transparency, strategic and well vetted plan with “can do” attitude. UFG is a national funding “boutique” brokerage that customizes to each and every individual client’s needs.

UFG understands and caters to each client’s uniqueness and different strategic business model. UFG has a “think outside the box” approach and dedicated in providing commercial & investment residential real estate financing, acquisition, cash out refinance, working capital, strategic advisory, equity and debt advisory, and related services to companies across multiple sectors and regions, with a particular and demonstrable experience in assisting emerging entities in acquiring capital from U.S. investors, EB5, hedge funds, conventional lenders, alternative lenders, and many more. Additionally, the firm offers consulting services focusing on equity and debt markets and strategic alliances.